Data testing in Ecommerce, various payment gateways and as well as in other applications worldwide needed to be done for security purposes and checking occurrence of illegal actions. For this purpose Namso Gen has taken an initiative to generated random credit cards. These credits cards are only used to test and made investigations and trials. Namso-gen has also taken other initiatives of spreading awareness amongst the masses about security measures in online trading and online surfing. Security measures regarding credit cards usages are also in the list and this campaign is running currently in the Namso-Gen blog. The credit card generation campaign can be regarded as the branch step of this initiative. Credit cards of the customers are generated by checking the BIN of the user. As the generation of such cards are made on a random basis, the users are unable to utilize the cards for illegal purposes. Besides, Namso-gen strictly follows the laws and enforcement protocols of every country as well as denies every illegal approach and doings. The working principal of Namso-gen is guided under LUNH algorithm. LHNH algorithm enlists a checksum formula to evaluate and underpin various identification numbers including credit card number, IMEI number, Canadian Social Insurance numbers and many more.


All the legal information has been thoroughly enlisted in the Privacy policy and Terms and Condition sections. Generating random cards for only testing and checking purposes are totally legal according to the laws and as mentioned earlier Namso-Gen are against and strictly forbids any illegal action and occurrences. Providing a reliable helping hand in the customers’ needs and thereby soothing them with their works is the sole purpose and motto of Namso-Gen and it encourage its customers to act on illegal utilizations and use only their real credit cards whenever they are in need. As the random cards generated by Namso comes within zero balance and can only be used while testing, it is totally risk free and safe to use. Neither any kind of purchase nor any other transactions can be made with such random cards.


The CC generators areshort form of credit card generator similar to Namso- Gen. Payment errors and illegal actions using credit cards are nowadays common facts and the companies providing those cards are facing serious troubles regarding such issues. Thus examining various payment related errors and generating unique card numbers to restrict illegal actions are must of vital concern of the companies. These random credit cards are mainly used by these companies for such purposes and data analysis and testers also use such cards.Utilizing these random cards for such examination and testing purposes have been completely agreed by the government laws and other security policies and hence they are legal. Namso-Gen security tips enlist valid and rationale details about any queries regarding safety of credit cards and online transactions.


BIN numbers are generated for preventing illegal actions and fraud cases for any kind of purchases where credit cards are used. BIN numbers help to recognize the brand and issuing branch of the cards and thereby checking if the bank exists in the respective country where the card is being used. BIN numbers are consisted of the very first six digits of the respective credit card or debit card. BIN stands as the short form for Bank identification number or issuer identification number. Namso-Gen knowledge base station holds the important informative database for such customer queries.


There are various random credit card generators available but with comparison to namso gen, there are no such reliable and user friendly generator available. Namso-gen provides the most safe and secure easy to use user interface which is linked with sources related to customer queries. Namso-gen does not ask for permission to access any kind of personal information of the user. Not even a single email id is asked for. This makes Namso gen the most trustworthy credit card generator and one can surely find no alternative of Namso gen. Namso-Gen totally works with the BIN number provided by the customer.


Such random credit card generators actually work fine. Namso-gen’s working principal is totally based on an advanced algorithmic process where hundreds of credit cards can be generated easily with just one single click. The cards generated from this platform are meant to use solely for testing and examination purposes and every kind of illegal occurrences are strictly forbidden. Hence any loss regarding any unauthorized actions is purely the customer’s fault and neither the cards nor the generators are responsible for such incidents.


Generating random credit cards from this generator is quite easy and one has to follow very few simple steps to generate their testing credit card. There are columns available on the site where one has to enter their respective BIN number. These BIN numbers can be generated from various websites and forums. After entering the BIN number one will find the “Generate Cards” button. Clicking this button will result in confirm submission and thereby generation of their random credit card.


The purposes of generating such cards are solely testing and investigation. Neither any kind of balance nor any other personal information is attached with the cards and all kinds of illegal actions are strictly forbidden by the company. The company is not responsible for any occurrence of hazards and troubles.